Letter published in WHT on 10th September.


Dear Sir
In trying to show at last week's council meeting how ward councillors had been frozen out of the debate over the poplars at Stanborough lakes, I called in evidence what Dennis Lewis had told me - that he as then Handside councillor had not been consulted.
Mere mention of Dennis's name brought forth hisses and groans from a number of Conservative councillors.
Now I have been involved in various aspects of life in WGC for over 30 years and have got to know Dennis in a number of capacities. I have no illusions that he has a number of behaviours that can be trying. However what cannot be denied is the prodigious effort he has put into serving both his party and the town's citizens over the past 40 years, and he is still active now. Despite being a member of another party, I have no difficulty in saying that we are infinitely the better for his involvement.
It is a sad commentary on the state of the current Tory party in Welwyn Hatfield that even one, let alone several, of his party colleagues thinks his record deserves such scornful treatment. Maybe they would like to identify themselves and explain why?
Yours sincerely
Malcolm Cowan
Liberal Democrat councillor