Letter in WHT,  November 5th.

Dear Sirs,

Stanborough Trees I was present at the Cabinet meeting held last Tuesday and would like to echo what Dr Malcolm Day said last week. I came away quite depressed at the apparent state of our local democracy nowadays, never having been to such a meeting before. But one thing did appal me: The Vice Chairman, Councillor Mansfield, attacked residents as being “irresponsible” for disagreeing with the Council’s approach – the point being that he, as a Councillor, carried the heavy burden of responsibility for ensuring that the residents did not fall foul of falling trees and branches in the car parks. Very clearly, he had not read the submissions put before him as he would have found that these did agree with the need to cut down all those trees that were dangerous immediately. Far from taking the tough decision – as Councillor Mansfield claimed – the Cabinet choose the easy option which can be summarised as “Fell as many as we can get away with and then we don’t have to bother any more”. Actually, it was irresponsible for the Council to have allowed these trees to reach a stage where it is now alleged that they require felling within the next three months. Could residents even pose this question to this charge of irresponsibility by the Council, its officials and countless Councillors over the past decade? Of course not! So much for accountability!

Yours faithfully